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Cigars: HavanaPounds Sterling
160A02Cuaba Exclusivos 25 Cigars£196.20
160A03Cuaba Tradicionales 25 Cigarss£138.60
160A04Cuaba Salomones 10 Cigars£149.40
160A06Cuaba Divinos 25 Cigars£121.50
160A12Cuaba Distinguidos 10 Cigars£103.50
160B01Bolivar Royal Corona 25 Cigars£189.00
160B04Bolivar Belicosos F. 25 Cigars£251.10
160B05Bolivar Belicoso Slb 25 Cigars£251.10
160B13Bolivar Petit Corona 25 Cigars£122.40
160B43Bolivar Libertador *10*cigars£133.20
160C01Cohiba Siglo I 25 Cigars£213.30
160C02Cohiba Siglo Ii 25 Cigars£284.40
160C03Cohiba Siglo Iii 25 Cigars£323.10
160C04Cohiba Siglo Iv 25 Cigars£416.70
160C11Cohiba Panatellas 25 Cigars£195.30
160C15Cohiba Panatellas 5X5 Cigars£195.30
160C24Cohiba Medio Siglo 25 Cigars£317.70
160C32Cohiba Robustos 5X3 Cigars£256.00
160C33Cohiba Robustos 25 Cigars£426.60
160C51Cohiba Siglo I 5X5 Cigars£194.40
160C52Cohiba Siglo Ii 5X5 Cigars£259.20
160C55Cohiba Coronas Espec 25 Cigars£384.30
160C62Cohiba Medio Siglo 5X3 Cigars£220.50
160C66Cohiba Exquisitos 25 Cigars£220.50
160C81Cohiba Mad.secretos 25 Cigars£257.40
160C82Cohiba Mad.magicos 25 Cigars£546.30
160C85Cohiba Mad.magicos *10*cigars£218.60
160D02Diplomaticos No.2 25 Cigars£234.90
160G00Partagas E2 5 Cigars£54.80
160G01Partagas D5 *10*cigars£73.80
160G02Partagas D5 25 Cigars£184.50
160G03Partagas E2 25 Cigars£273.60
160G07Partagas D4 *10*cigars£86.80
160G09Partagas Ser.p No.2 5X3 Cigars£174.15
160G10Partagas Ser.p No.2 *10*cigars£109.10
160G14Partagas D4 25 Cigars£216.90
160G18Partagas P2 25 Cigars£272.70
160G23Partagas Lusitanias 25 Cigars£372.60
160G24Partagas Shorts 25 Cigars£136.80
160G26Partagas Lusitanias 50 Cigars£745.20
160G28Partagas Shorts *50*cigars£273.60
160G32Partagas D6 5X5 Cigars£151.90
160G34Partagas D6 20 Cigars£127.80
160G35Partagas Cor. Gordas 25 Cigars£259.20
160G60Partagas Maduro No.1 25 Cigars£251.10
160G80Partagas Pet Cor*esp*25 Cigars£126.00
160G87Partagas Culebras 3X3 Cigars£55.80
160G92Partagas Aristocrates 25 Cigar£91.80
160H03Hoyo Petit Robustos 25 Cigars£181.80
160H04Hoyo Petit Robustos 5X3 Cigars£102.10
160H27Hoyo Epicure Deluxe *10*cigars£90.00
160H29Hoyo Epic.especial *10*cigars£93.25
160H31Hoyo Epic.especial 25 Cigars£248.40
160H34Hoyo Epicure No.1 25 Cigars£229.50
160H35Hoyo Epicure No.2 25 Cigars£227.70
160H36Hoyo Epicure No.2 50 Cigars£455.40
160H37Hoyo Epicure No.2 5X3 Cigars£136.70
160H45Hoyo Le Hoyo De San 10 Cigars£108.90
160H52Hoyo Hermosos No.4 25 Cigars£216.00
160H53Hoyo Elegantes 10 Cigars£90.00
160H56HOYO RIO SECO 25 CIGARS£286.20
160J05Romeo Y J. Cedro No2 25 Cigars£182.70
160J06Romeo Y J. Exhi No.4 25 Cigars£204.30
160J12Romeo Y J. Churchils 25 Cigars£298.80
160J14Romeo Y J. Petit Cor 25 Cigars£145.80
160J18Romeo Petit Julietas 25 Cigars£96.30
160J19Romeo Y J. Pet Coro 5X5 Cigars£117.00
160J25Romeo Y J. Cazadores 25 Cigars£189.90
160J26Romeo Short Churchil 25 Cigars£230.40
160J35Romeo Wide Churchill*10*cigars£95.40
160J36Romeo Wide Churchill 25 Cigars£250.20
160J37Romeo Petit Churchil.25 Cigars£181.80
160J39Romeo Piramides Anej 25 Cigars£279.00
160J40Romeo Cedrod De Luxe*10*cigars£91.80
160J47Romeo Petit Royales 25 Cigars£135.90
160L14Larranaga Picadores 25 Cigars£151.20
160L15Larranaga Pet.corona*50*cigars£254.70
160M01Montecristo No 1 25 Cigars£255.60
160M02Montecristo Espc No2 25 Cigars£222.30
160M03Montecristo No 2 25 Cigars£285.30
160M04Montecristo No 4 25 Cigars£159.30
160M05Montecristo No 5 25 Cigars£124.20
160M10Montecristo Joyitas 25 Cigars£107.10
160M12Montecristo No 3 5X5 Cigars£210.60
160M13Montecristo No 3 25 Cigars£210.60
160M14Montecristo No 4 5X5 Cigars£159.30
160M17Montecristo No 2 5X3 C1Gars£148.50
160M18Montecristo No 5 5X5 Cigars£124.20
160M20Montecristo No 4 10 Cigars£63.72
160M22Montec. Media Corona 25 Cigars£107.10
160M23Mont. Media Cor.tin 5X5 Cigars£139.50
160M24Montecristo No 2 10 Cigars£114.30
160M31Montecristo Edmundo 25 Cigars£255.60
160M34Montec. Petit Edmund 25 Cigars£210.60
160M37Mont. Double Edmundo 25 Cigars£297.00
160M38Mont. Double Edmundo*10*cigars£118.80
160M61Mont.open Master 20 Cigars£181.80
160M62Mont.open Regatta 20 Cigars£129.60
160M63Mont.open Eagle 20 Cigars£219.60
160M64Mont.open Junior 20 Cigars£91.80
160M71Montecristo Dumas 20 Cigars£255.60
160M72Montecristo Leyenda 20 Cigars£357.30
160P18Punch 48 10 Cigars£90.00
160P44Punch Punch 25 Cigars£225.00
160Q03Quai D Orsay No.50 25 Cigars£157.50
160R36R.allones Superiores 10 Cigars£72.00
160R55R.allones Gigantes 25 Cigars£298.80
160R65R.allones S Selected*50*cigars£388.80
160R66R.allones S Selected 25 Cigars£194.40
160R80R.allones Sm.clb.cor 25 Cigars£110.70
160R96Piramides Selection 6 Cigars£97.20
160R97Petit Rob. Selection 10 Cigars£117.00
160R99Robustos Selection 5 Cigars£76.50
160S02Fonseca No.1 25 Cigars£152.10
160S52San Crist.la Punta 25 Cigars£221.40
160S53San Crist.la Fuerza 25 Cigars£261.00
160S54San Cris.el Principe 25 Cigars£120.60
160T50Trinidad Fundadores 24 Cigars£403.20
160T55Trinidad Coloniales 24 Cigars£199.80
160T57Trinidad Reyes 24 Cigars£151.20
160T58Trinidad Reyes 12 Cigars£75.60
160T61Trinidad Vigia 12 Cigars£128.70
160T64Trinidad Vigia(Tub) 5X3 Cigars£166.50
160U01H.upmann No.1 Consr. 25 Cigars£188.10
160U02H.upmann No.2 25 Cigars£267.30
160U03H.upmann Half Corona 25 Cigars£117.90
160U07H.up. Robus.a¬•Ejados 25 Cigars£279.00
160U09H.upmann Half Corona 5x5 Cigars£117.90
160U20H.upm. Royal Robusto*10*cigars£92.70
160U21H.upmann Magnum*50* *10*cigars£103.32
160U24H.upmann Magnum 46 25 Cigars£235.80
160U26H.upmann Magnum*50* 25 Cigars£276.30
160U34H.upmann Majestic 25 Cigars£91.80
160U37H.upmann Magnum*54* 25 Cigars£216.00
160U38H.upmann Magnum*54* *10*cigars£86.40
160U47H.upmann Connois."a" 25 Cigars£243.00
160V02Vega Robaina Familia 25 Cigars£204.30
160V03Vega Robaina Unicos 25 Cigars£272.70
160V04Vega Robaina Famosos 25 Cigars£193.50
160V51Vegueros Entretiempo 16 Cigars£87.80
160V52Vegueros Mananitas 4X4 Cigars£45.00
160Z30Juan Lopez Sel No.2 25 Cigars£185.40
160Z31Juan Lopez Sel No.1 25 Cigars£207.90
Cigars: Tubed HavanasPounds Sterling
160B32Bolivar Tubos No 3 25 Cigars£120.40
160B33Bolivar Tubos No 2 25 Cigars£167.00
160B42Bol.royal Cor.(Tube) 10 Cigars£93.15
160C31Cohiba Robustos(Tub)5X3 Cigars£290.20
160C36Cohiba Piramide(Tub)5X3 Cigars£472.50
160C50Cohiba Siglo V (Tub)5X3 Cigars£342.90
160C57Cohiba Siglo I (Tub)5X3 Cigars£162.00
160G06Partagas D4 (Tube) 5X3 Cigars£147.15
160G36Partagas E2 (Tubos) 5x3 Cigars£183.60
160H32Hoyo Epic.espec(Tub)5X3 Cigars£177.50
160H40Hoyo Epic.no.1(Tube)5X3 Cigars£154.50
160H42Hoyo Epic.no.2(Tub) 5X3 Cigars£148.50
160J01Romeo Y J. No 1 Tube 25 Cigars£144.00
160J02Romeo Y J. No 2 Tube 25 Cigars£128.25
160J03Romeo Y J. No 3 Tube 25 Cigars£121.50
160J11Romeo Y J. Chur Tube 25 Cigars£333.00
160J23Romeo Y J. No2(Tube)5X3 Cigars£76.95
160J27Romeo Short Ch.tube 5X3 Cigars£167.40
160J28Romeo Churchil(Tube)5X3 Cigars£199.80
160J33Romeo Y J. No3(Tube)*10*cigars£48.60
160J45Romeo Petit Ch(Tube)5X3 Cigars£144.90
160M06Montecristo Pet Tubo 25 Cigars£195.75
160M07Montecristo Pet Tubo 3 Cigars£20.65
160M08Montecristo Tubos 25 Cigars£291.40
160M33Monte.edmundo Tubes 5X3 Cigars£153.20
160M35Montec.pet.edmu.tub.5X3 Cigars£152.50
160M67Mont.open Eagle(Tub)5X3 Cigars£179.50
160M68Mon.open Junior(Tub)5X3 Cigars£90.45
160P41Punch Punch (Tube) 10 Cigars£102.60
160P66Punch Coronations 25 Cigars£119.25
160P67Punch Pet Coronation 25 Cigars£117.00
160U04H.upmann Corona "J" (TUB) 25 Cigars£110.70
160U27H.upm.magnum46 Tube 5X3 Cigars£153.90
160U29H.up.magnum*50*(Tub)5X3 Cigars£195.10
160U41H.upmann C.major(Tub)25 Cigars£119.70

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